Dunfermline Recycling Centre

The Linen Quarter benefits from being connected to Dunfermline’s District Heating System which supplies heat from a central source generated at the Dunfermline Recycling Centre homes via a network of underground pipes carrying hot water.

District Heating has a key role to play in the Scottish Government’s vision of a largely decarbonised heat sector by 2050. There is an increasing amount of legislation e.g. Climate Change Act 2008, Energy Performance Building Directive, which is aimed at greatly reducing the UK carbon heat supply market in the future.

The system facilitates the use of low carbon renewable energy sources and so benefits the environment, therefore significantly reducing resident’s carbon footprint.

The Dunfermline District Heating System is managed by Fife Council and therefore the economic and social benefits of the system shall benefit those in the Fife community as well as the people that use it.

The economic benefits to the consumer are:

- reduced energy bills
- reduction in system maintenance costs i.e. servicing, repairs and insurance are required on top of fuel bills for gas boilers
- heat exchanger unit has a lifespan of 25 years compared to a traditional gas boiler which has an average life - expectancy of 10 to 15 years
- annual safety inspection not required like a gas boiler,
- reduced carbon footprint

The consumer interface unit in each apartment ensures the end user has all the control and features that a traditional system would offer but with the above additional benefits.


Close proximity to Dunfermline’s central train and bus stations ensures that residents can easily access public transport. In addition to this Bike storage is provided on site for each apartment to take advantage of the regional cycle path network.

As one of Scotland’s principal infrastructure arteries the M90 is an essential transport link for those residents wanting to travel by car. In addition to on site car parking for private cars we have invested in four Enterprise cars to create the Linen Quarter Car Club, residents will be given three years free membership and discounted hire rates across Enterprise Car Club’s entire fleet.

Enterprise Car Club

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